The Curse of Entropy


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Enlever 01:55
Last word, last wish, last embrace. Last breath, last kiss, last goodbye. No more blood thinner, no more oxygen tank. Save the sedatives for those with a high left. I’ve fallen below life worth living. Let me out, this flesh is prison. No more doctors, no more hospital beds. Just pull the plug, I’ll do the rest. There’s no light at the end, just a steady dim and fade. Staring through loved ones, forgetting their names.
Husk 03:14
Wither 03:41
Baptized before the gaze held by the vacuum’s faithful deacons. With pupils gestating the milk of fleeting centuries. They collapse in praise with necks too frail for gravity. A shrine of loneliness envelops the entrancing patterns of their liver spots. Witness the hermit court. A foul altar for their bed sores to weep before. Scars like spiral galaxies on sedentary flesh. Torn out sore throats coated with insightful eyes. Ignoring their inevitable return to the dust they worship.
Collapse 02:30
To pulverize a kingdom of clouds only so the sky can break my spine. Layers of failure tattoo my broken skin. My sins writhe in my failed indifference. A rusted gaping maw thrashing about a pathetic hope frozen in stasis. The squealing boil of esteem evaporates bulbous pillars of self. The rope of empty promises I’ll hang myself with when time collapses.
Birthright 03:18
Blessings are curses, culture is fascism. Utter spiritual bankruptcy- the true price of material wealth. The facade of the self made man. The escaping hot air that is social mobility. Standing tall on graves of the fathers, as if such riches were yours alone. Eclipsing the shoulders you stand on is a pipe dream fed to the plebs. To wish, reach and bite at the dangling bait is the mechanism ensuring generations of servitude. The oldest verse in the holy book of market worship. My weakest moments, embarrassing indifference. Surplus of shit, deficit of empathy. If I ever cry poverty put my mouth to the curb. Don’t stop stomping until my gums are as empty as my words.
Cretin 03:13
She met me with an overbite that hissed in the ears of attention she promised to ignore. I remained unkempt like the declaration Crohn carved into the yards of her intestine. I prayed under a fluorescence only rotting can bare. She wore empathy like memories we imprison in our attics. I wept at the sight of her cysts when I should have celebrated their shrieking event horizons. I built a constricting leather coil from the skin of her indifference. She then flopped around like a dying fish but hid the scars from the fishhooks I blessed her with. The faintest stars aligned and graced me with a tumor I can only pretend isn’t there.
Dread 02:04
Birthed into a laughable confusion. Eat the past through nostalgic shared needles, only to seek a swollen vision through a migraine’s hallucination. Blades move through a sun’s appendages, left astray beneath the monument of a memory’s deceit. A vessel for those suspended in a purgatory that eats free will. Consume the flesh nooses of immaculate births and achieve the disease of consciousness. All bones evaporate into the tendrils of a dream’s deception.
Blindness 02:30
Aspirations towards the sun have expired. The upright ape with opposable thumbs who only looks down to the palms of his hands, where everything is perfectly within reach. A steady descent back to the primordial sea we ambitiously crawled from eons ago. Dragged to the surface, stood up, reached out, and received the gift of blindness. It won't be long before our irrelevant legs disintegrate. Now the light in our hands eclipses the heavens.
Entropy 03:06
Summoned from void between all light and stranded among our dirt. Agape and awake to us who sleep upright with thrashing hands. She offers the red hell between her salivating horizontal mandibles. Breathing hate in abandonment leaving us behind to choke in futility. An incessant slither onward to contort potential into memory. The slow and forceful thrusts of regret while hogtied in her breathing nails. Raped upon the pendulum that swings endlessly. An ailing hourglass plagued by a singularity that aspirates desire. A whirlpool of eaten words. To beg and plead is useless when she gifts us the sentence of our rotting skin. The curse of entropy.
Vessel 04:40
Remove my eyes so I can escape the wrinkling of time. A posture bent by gravity while the sun leathers my flesh. The future holds nothing but the holes in my excuses. The shit that will fester and make me a nuisance. A boil on the flesh, to be carved out. Remove my tongue and my jaw ajar with spineless words. Surrounded by dirt and trash, a perfect flint for my immolation. Hell is hope and its monuments. The romanticizing of my future, like anybody has one. Prophetic words regurgitated pretending philosophies are real next to the cold calculation of a universe governed by absolutes. Food for the bugs that seize me when visitors on my skin. The meaningless vessel that deserves the future it never asked for.


released November 29, 2019 via Translation Loss records.


released November 29, 2019


all rights reserved



TEETH California

Expressing our hatred through visceral dissonance.

Erol Ulug- Guitar/Vocals
Alejandro Aranda - Drums
Peter King- Bass
Justin Moore- Guitar/Vocals

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